NHS Services Offered

We provide NHS Choos and Book services in the following types of clinics

  • Female Incontinence
  • Bladder Dysfunction
  • Urinary symptoms and Prostate assessment
  • Paediatric Urology service (only provided in the NHS hospitals)
  • Erectile Dysfunction/Male Sexual dysfunction
  • Cancer Two week wait clinics (only provided in the NHS hospitals)

Which Hospitals & Centres?

Our NHS services are provided in the following centres by Mr Jesuraj and his teams.

University Hospital of North Tees, Stockton on Tees: This is the NHS base for Mr Jesuraj. He provides Laser Prostate surgery service and Paediatric urology service in this centre as well as other service areas mentioned above.

University Hospital of Hartlepool: Outreach clinics and paediatric operating service are provided in this centre

Ramsay Tees Valley Treatment Centre, One Life, Middlesbrough: All services except the paediatric and cancer services are offered in this centre. This is mainly suitable for outpatient assessment and day case surgical procedures. This centre has a waiting time of one to two weeks for clinics and four to six weeks for the treatments. There is a limited referral pathway to transfer the care to another private hospital for the in-patient NHS services.

Named NHS referrals outside Choose& Book: The NHS services offered by Mr Jesuraj in these centres may be booked via Choose & Book system. However if you have difficulty in locating these services in the choose and book system, please feel free to make a named referral to Mr Jesuraj and fax your referrals to 01642 337510. Please indicate any preferred choice of centres. If no choice is mentioned we will book the centre with earliest available appointment or the centre that provides the most appropriate service.

Answering Your Queries

  • If you have any queries about the services or any clinical queries, please direct your queries through Urologist-Hotlink
  • If your patients consider seeking private medical treatment, please use the private service link.