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We believe, continuing care and support from the primary care is of paramount importance to achieve excellent standards of care for most urological problems.
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Importance of Conservative Management in Primary care

Many urological problems could be treated conservatively. It would be a great advantage for the patients if the conservative treatment for conditions like LUTS/BPH, Incontinence and UTI could be started in a proactive and systematic manner in the community.

The treatment escalation in the conservative side of management needs to happen in a timely manner. This can be achieved only with the help and ongoing care from the primary care.

Therefore, we would like to provide as much practical information as possible in this website regarding the management of many urological conditions, particularly those relevant to the management in the Primary care settings.

An optimal conservative treatment in the primary care may lead to:

  • Reduction in the number of referrals to the secondary care
  • Smooth and fast patient journey through the secondary care for those patients who need referral
  • Continuity of care and better outcome for the complex patients treated in the secondary care

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