Male Sexual Health

Sexual Injuries to Penis

The sexual injuries to the penis include injuries at the different levels.

Injuries to the foreskin

During erection and sexual intercourse, the foreskin tends to retract or get pulled back to the level of the neck of the penis. If the foreskin is tight it may split and bleed and in extreme cases may get torn. A small band in the under surface of the tip of the fraenulum can also prevent the full retraction of the foreskin and this band can also be torn and bleed.

Penile rupture

During intercourse the cylindrical tissues remain very rigid and erect. In this situation very forceful traction on the erect penis can cause fracture of the cylinders of the penis. During these penile fractures the patient will immediately lose erection and will feel or hear a click. This will be followed by a severe swelling of the penis which is described usually as an aubergine (or eggplant) like appearance.


If this is suspected or if this happens the person should seek immediate medical attention by going to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. A penile rupture needs to be treated immediately by surgery to close the ruptured part of the covering of the penile cylinders. If this is not done immediately this result in permanent loss of erectile ability and can also result in a bend of the penis.

Other penile injuries

Penile injuries can also happen during work, particularly in manual workers and construction workers that may need appropriate medical or surgical treatment.