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Urinary stone disease can be a very painful condition though kidney stones tend to be very silent. The treatment depends on the size and location of the stone in the urinary tract. The state of the patient at the time of presentation like the presence of infection and persistent uncontrollable pain may also influence the treatment options. We will discuss these options in this section. We will briefly see the medical management for the recurrent stone formers.


Kidney Stones

These are the stones located within the kidney. Usually, these stones are located at the start of the tubes called Calyces within the kidney. From this, the stone formation happens, and the stones increase in size and tend to migrate downwards into the tubes called ureter that connects the kidney and the bladder. Kidney Stones may not cause any symptoms until they move within the kidney or down to the ureter. If it causes infection that can cause symptoms like pain and fever.


Treatments Available